Health Counselling Training Initiative

The construction of the Akasha Academy in Suntakhan  (Nepal) started in November of 2019. Taking first steps, Long Yang e.V. is currently building a training centre on site in cooperation with the Nepalese partner organisation Akasha Academy NGO.
Starting in May 2020, a one-year practical training in the areas of “basic health, hygiene and health counselling” will be offered on the premises of the Akasha Academy, which is unique in Nepal so far. The programme is specifically for women from the region, who generally have little chance of further training due to the socio-cultural situation in Nepal. The training provides them with practical knowledge and skills in the health sector and above all the perspective of an alternative career path. They are enabled to earn their own income with the successful completion of the training as health counsellors and at the same time actively contribute to improving the health situation of the region.

Background and initial situation

Nepal is one of many countries that do not have a nationwide state health system. For many people, financial, socio-cultural, geographical and institutional barriers make access to adequate health and medical care difficult. Women in particular are affected by the underprovision of health care, who generally have even less access to the health system than men.There is a lack of basic medical knowledge in the local population, and lack of hygiene often leads to health problems, avoidable diseases and an overall reduced quality of life. Information and advice on a healthy lifestyle are still rare. At the same time, greater awareness and deeper knowledge strengthen people’s own initiative in health issues, which can help to improve the health situation.

New perspectives for women and improvement of education opportunities

For young women in Nepal, their education usually ends after graduating from school, as they traditionally marry afterwards and focus on family life.
The newly designed training programme is intended to strengthen the independence and autonomy of women in particular. After completing the certified training, they will be able to work as “Basic Health Counsellors” and pass on the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired on basic health issues such as hygiene, nutrition and women’s health to the community in Suntakhan and beyond.

A role model – Vision of the project

The practical health counselling is initially intended to make an impact to improve the health situation of the population in Suntakhan. The aim is to strengthen the population’s knowledge of basic health by individual counselling for families, knowledge transfer via workshops in schools and public events, and thus promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
In the long term, the training initiative for health counselling should have an impact beyond the borders of Suntakhan. Once the programme has been introduced in Suntakhan as a model, it will later be made available to other communities as an example to help improve the basic health of Nepal’s population beyond the immediate region, especially in rural areas.
In the first phase until 2021, 75 percent of the training project will be financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

If you are interested in supporting the project with your knowledge, network or financially please get in touch.